Perfect Hybrid Design Request

The Xiaomi Mi watch Global has got thee perfect hybrid watch face !

Watch is divided into 3 main components:

Top: calories burned, bar fills up to goal set in Orange.

Left: battery bar which depleats and changes colour from green to orange to red.

Bottom: steps fill up in yellow as day goes on.

Digital clock on the left is simple, small and stylish with day in red.

Weather at the top is clean and shows temperature and general icon of what the weather is like outside. Ie sunny, rain, overcast. Etc.

Heart rate circle shows heart icon with bpm underneath. Icons around the circle light up to show rhythmic intensity. Heart zones. Light, intense etc etc 5 zones which have different colors.

Dials and hands are clean and sharp.

Someone please make this. I think this will be the most used hybrid in my opinion.

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I clicked on your link but it shows a bunch of faces and I don’t see the one you are referring to…weather at the top??
Send a pic or link to the actual face and I may take a stab at it.


Welcome Presumably you mean this one.

Nice watch. I like quadrant Gauges on the Chapter of the Face. I prefer Bolder hands and the digital is the right scale for me.
You could have the date toggling 3 sec with the time in the window.
Sorry I see the day Date now.

You should mak it clear if you want Total calories ( Kcal ) burnt or just Steps.

I think @thomasfmal will make a nice face for you I see he has done a lot of quad gauge work.
Very Exciting.

PS as @thomasfmal is not a Premium designer you will have to tell him what your Steps/Calories Goal is as he will not be able to let you set it on your watch and any setting on your Phone for that will not Transfere on Facer.

Is the Gauge at 6 O’clock Humidity ?


The Guage at 6 o’clock is not humidity. It is energy which the xiaomi watch some how calculated based on sleep patterns and your eating times etc. Don’t think it can’t be very accurate. I was thinking that Guage could be replaced by a information Guage similar to the Samsung heart which has 3 rings and gives a total overview of everything achieved throughout the day. I think it would just add colour to the face.

Apologies for not linking the right watch face.

The watch face you linked is in fact the watch face I was making reference to. I have tried to build this myself but it is extremely hard as I am just not proficient on the software and lack the time to do it.

Thanks again all for the prompt replies. I am from South Africa so I can only imagine our time zones don’t link up fantastically.

I haven’t found a hybrid like this for my galaxy watch 4 yet. I have a xiaomi watch like the one in the photo and the face is genuinely extremely practical to use.

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Total steps goal would be 10 000
Total calorie goal would be 600 active calories.

Thanks for attempting it Thomas

1 Like Your steps goal is high . Facer only goes up to 10k unless you are a Premium designer an can do a clever trick . Give yourself a chance and set the Goal to 6K .
Judging from your comment it seems like @thomasfmal is on the case .
I am watching this topic .
Very exciting .
A General Point . Many here would Love to help you design something for Yourself . It is not easy . But the is Plenty of Help. All the Guys and Galls here are very keen to Help people make faces that are not jus Pictures plonked on the Face with a few Numbers.
Start with something simple . Also In the Resources Section there are lost of Beautiful Parts to make yourself something Stunning and Unique.

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I’m starting it now. Still not sure about the bottom circle. What about a temperature ring that shows the low and high of the day with current tep location between the two ??

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@thomasfmal May I suggest a little Life Sciences thing with the only data at your disposal . Total Calories and Heart rate . It would only really be for fun but on theme for the Watch .
Even the Battery Reading could be included as it would not be on charge if you are busy .
Icon could be the tree of life .

I’m about half done with it, hope to finish tomorrow. I’ll see what I can come up with on that lower dial.

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Hey guys !

Just finished reading your comments !

Very interesting stuff, we really are always learning to be honest :pray:

10 000 steps is rather normal for me. I run in the morning roughly 5am, gym around 1pm (have light cardio or abs) and finish the day off with one of many sports depends on the week and day of the week (motocross, go Karting, soccer, squash, surfing, body boarding, muai Tai … honestly very spread so the higher the step count the better. I enjoy trying to fill it throughout the day and yes I do work :joy: although walking around the office doesn’t do much to help that.

Thanks guys!

Fantastic community ! If you guys ever come through to South Africa drop a comment on this forum. The watch faces are beautiful but form a small part of what they are used for !

Thanks again guys ! Enjoy your evening ! Excited to see the finished product.

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So sorry Untill you know one has to assume. Which is the Mother of F… Up. Good to know we have another Beta Tester in the Republic. Great for testing inverted moon phases. Looking forward to seeing your new watch.

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Same here !

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I’m trying to decide how to move the batt, steps, and calories since I don’t know what the watch actually does, so I’m thinking this:
Battery - discharging counterclockwise from 10:00 to 8:00
Steps - 0 to 10K increasing counterclockwise from 8 to 4
Calories - increasing clockwise from 10 to 2



Well to be honest you are designing the watch and I trust you’re trying to do it in a way that works because I am sure there is alot that goes into its design.

With that being said I do actually own the watch. Would it be possible for me to make a video showing you how the watch face actually works on the original model ? This might give you a better idea of a way forward.

My personal email is: I’d be happy to upload it to a shared Google drive ?

Kind regards

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I was looking at your suggestion is very on par with the function of the watch. Let me examine the watch and write a detailed outline of how it functions.

I hope I get all the terminology right. This in the meantime.

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Thanks! Maybe later. I will have it done today, and will make it live so you can actually try it out. I can easily readjust directions of anything and update it later. The one thing I will not have on the first edition are the replicas of the hour and minute hands. I’m using some stock hands for now and will update when I have a chance to replicate with photoshop.


Okay so here is the outline.

The original watch face on the xiaomi mi watch global operates like this. Make reference to the photo, it’s how I’m writing this out.

Battery discharges counter clockwise from 10 to 8.

Steps increase counter clockwise from 8 to 4.

Calories increase clockwise from 10 to 2.

Nothing happens from 2 to 4 (I’m not sure if something should be added here. Sometimes a break is good)

Bottom circle is an energy bar which you can fill with (in my opinion) a short cut to an activity or anything else someone wants on their personal smart watch face.

Left circle is a heart rate monitor with the heart which shows the heart rate beneath. Around the circle are 5 levels. Which change in colour and increase the bar within that small circle as the heart rate increases and the intensity increases. Now I I not sure how easy it is to build that level of functionality into that circle but I will detail it below.

Level 1: blue - HR zone (light) 80 - 90
Level 2: green - HR zone (intensive) 91 - 120
Level 3: yellow - HR zone (aerobic) 120 - 140
Level 4: orange - HR zone (anaerobic) 140 - 150
Level 5: red - HR zone (extreme/ vO2 Max)150 - 180

The heart rate measurements are my guide. I can’t remember the actual guide.

The weather circle at top is an animation which mimicks the weather outside. Example. If its raining it will show the cloud with rain. If it’s sunny it will show the sun. At night it shows the moon. The temperature in degrees Celsius is show underneath that animation (I am aware Americans are using imperial and not metric systems. Maybe a dual version of the watch face with that alteration ? I personally use metric system I.e km and meters etc.

On the right is a digital clock on a 24hour set. 12 hour works fine but I prefer 24 hour personally.

Day above that in Red, using abbreviations ie

Monday = Mon
Tuesday = Tue
Wednesday = Wed
Thursday = Thur
Friday = Fri
Saturday = Sat
Sunday = Sun

The day of the month is below the digital clock.

There is no month displayed but the space on the right could potentially be used to write out the month in full. IE. January, February etc etc

Hope this helps. If you’d like a video of the watch and what you’d like me to detail in the watch I would be more than happy to do that.

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend !

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Thanks for the update. I didn’t even see this reply :sweat_smile:

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I’ll do another version with more accurate hands and font to the original if it’s requested. However, I kinda like these stock hands. The “leaf number” needs to be tested as it is something new.

After seeing your explanation of the 5 bpm intensity color zones, I’ll go back and update it when I can to that - it’s a good idea.
Hope you like it.