Performance is terrible on Galaxy Watch Active 2

I’m very disappointed to notice after using Facer on my Galaxy watch active 2 to for a few days there are very serious performance issues. Sometimes my watch face becomes completely unresponsive especially in the morning after I wake up and put on my watch. The only solution to this is to restart facer. After a while the problem starts to occur again. Basically it’s unusable.

You need to check out this thread: [KNOWN ISSUE] Sporadic Facer freeze on Samsung smartwatches. Facer is working with Samsung to get this problem fixed, it’s just taking extra time because it’s so weird. I know from the questions they were asking me in email exchanges, they are looking towards the Samsung fitness app. BTW, I’m having the same exact symptoms as you are. I’ve started only running Facer during the day and then switching to the Galaxy Dashboard face at night. Also if it gets flakey during the day I will do the same for a minute then switch back to Facer.

Thanks for the reply. That’s very disappointing. I like Facer a lot more than Galaxy Watch Studio. I hope some day I’ll be able to use Facer again, but for now in this state I don’t have the patience to constantly switch between faces and restart it multiple times a day.

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I don’t use a Samsung, but for what it’s worth I read from someone this morning that an update was just pushed to his Active 2 that fixed the problem and now Facer is back to performing great on the watch. So… check for the update, hopefully you’ll be back in business!

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Thanks for sharing! Still no update on my side, but I guess it’s a matter of time.

I read that known issue thread/discussion. It didn’t offer anything of any value IMO…I run mine on AOD enabled, switched from Facer to Samsung faces and then back again, uninstalled and re-installed on both my phone and watch…nothing helps or changes. I paid for the ‘Premium’ plan which is totally useless now. Feeling really aggravated and ripped off TBH

Yeah, the performance of my active 2 is perfect actually, so its definitely not a problem with all Active 2’s, mine hasn’t had a single issue since I got it, months ago.