Permanent delete

How do you permanently delete a watch face from your watch.

Thank you

I think this might differ among various watches. On my gear S3,
If its any face downloaded from galaxy store, I long press on the display and then I can select faces. There is a small minus sign in right top corner of the face preview, which I can tap to remove the selected face.
If its facer face, I simply tripple tap the display, then select the face and since there it works same, just the sign is not minus but x.

Thank you I have tried the minus sign but it is not deleted just removed from that section if you go into the settings it is still there under either recent or downloaded.
I have the 6 classic.

Thank you anyway

My watch does not show any other than up to 10 “recent” watch faces, from which I can select and delete.
Those which are shown on phone app, are not necessary stored on watch.

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Since you have a 6 classic just triple tap like you are changing the face then find the one you want to delete. Long press and it will start twisting and an X will show up on the top right. Click the X and it will ask to confirm your choice. When you click ‘Yes’ it will be deleted.


This is how you delete any app from watch. Watchface is also an app.

on watch: