Personal designed watch face displays BLACK

Watch face I’ve used for years no longer working. Shows in preview but black face when I open it. Help.

If you enable inspection mode for the face and post a link I will have a look and see if I can tell what is going on.

Not sure how to put into inspection mode

Hi there,
It appears that the design displays a name brand logo. Perhaps it was removed by Facer because of that.

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Will changing the name resolve the issue?

In your other thread you said that you designed the face. So to enable inspection, all you need to do is open Creator (, find your face, click on the three dots next to your face and select “Enable Inspection”.

Of course if it has been removed because of copyright/trademark infringement then you won’t be able to find it!

If it has been removed then you should have received an email explaining why. You can appeal but I if it has been removed due to copyright/trademark infringement then you would need to show that you either own or have permission to use the relevant items.

You could create it again and only use it for personal use - that is, do not publish it just load it from the creator as a draft. If you want to publish it then you will need to remove the branding and trademarks.

Note that if it has been removed and you publish it again with the brand name in the title and/or trademarks on the face then it will likely be removed again and repeated breaches have led in the past to some users being suspended. So the safest course is to not use copyrighted material and trademarks.

I did that face years ago on a laptop I don’t even have anymore. I definitely do not have the program I used or remember how I even imported it. I thought I just had it in my personal watch box and not shared. Back to the drawing board with that one I guess. thank you for your help, i appreciate it.

Enabled inspection

I have had a look and I can’t immediately see what is wrong - you may just have to start again.

I renamed the design and it displays now, thank you.

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