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Phases of the moon correct?

Good evening everyone,
I’m almost done with my new watch face.
Now I have concerns about the phases of the moon… sometimes the preview is jerky…
I used the following code:


Could someone please take a look to make sure everything is correct?
Thanks in advance

Here are some files to test:


I’m not on my laptop sorry, but I have noticed that you have a Seconds Hand on the Dim Display (AOD), which actually never works.

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Strange You started with the whole thing at an angle but it looks good . I usually move the moons not the mask . I have added a 24- angle at the start of the Formula . It is a bit better . You need to get yourself a nice Moon phase app on your phone to check this stuff .


I am busy but get back if that is not working for You .

Ok so that is not right either .

This works better . Look after this one it comes from the Master . which one I can not remember .


It has a tiny glitch in it somewhere but hey .

I haven’t been on for a while (my pc was in repair), but they seemed to have added some new moon tags that makes this a lot easier:

#MOONPHASE# The index of the Moon’s current phase (0-7)
#MOONPHASENAME# The name of the Moon’s current phase
#MOONAGE# The current age of the moon in days
#MOONAGEPERCENT# The current age of the moon as a percent
#MOONISWANING# Boolean indicating if the Moon is waning
#MOONISWAXING# Boolean indicating if the Moon is waxing
#MOONDISTANCE# Distance to the Moon from Earth (measured in Earth radii)
#MOONDISTANCEAPOGEE# Maximum distance of the Moon from Earth (measured in Earth radii)
#MOONDISTANCEPERIGEE# Minimum distance of the Moon from Earth (measured in Earth radii)
#MOONLN# Current Lunation Number (e.g. 244). This is the number of Moon cycles since the first new Moon of the year 2000.

Good to see you Back @ThaMattie . I saw those and assumed they were for Apple . I feel a Test coming on . Some lovely Technical stuff . No Inclination per Latitude .

WOW those work with WOS / TIZEN . Brilliant I wonder where the Data comes from I hope it comes form Facer and not Open weather or something .

Thanks again Mattie. You come back Bearing Gifts .

Making a Foray into the PRO woods . Do you know how high or low an incremental VAR can go .

I did not know #ZISROUND# was a PRO thing I used it on a Face well before I went PRO.

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@ThaMattie & @russellcresser

I’ve been adding moon phase names using pictures of the words instead of trying to figure out all the expressions. So just for grins and giggles, I have a face about to be published that has moon phases using the Facer supplied moon phase element. Their new #MOONPHASENAME# tag does not match up totally with the picture of the moon. Oct. 1 at 6am according to the new tag is First Quarter but the moon element shows waxing crescent, but at 5am they both are waxing crescent. The moon phase element changes Oct. 2 at zero hours. It might be pretty handy if you calculate the moon phase yourself, but if you depend on the moon phase element it’s going to cause issues unless @Facer_Official fixes the moon phase element to be “correct”.


Buggy then ?

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Yes, but I’m not going to point fingers at which one. I know that I have seen discussed here in the community that the moon phase element (picture) on Facer isn’t correct and that is the reason some do the math to make the pictures correct. So, if I was hard pressed on the issue, I would have to lean on the side of the old moon phase image element being the buggy one.

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Yeah if the phase image lasts for 3 days plus when do you change it? That is why I had to make a Moon phase with 28 images… Because I did not know a better way I did it the hardest way possible.

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With the new moon phase tags, is it now safe to say we can abandon these complicated formulas?

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We will see :face_with_monocle: :last_quarter_moon_with_face: :+1:

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@kourosh & @russellcresser
It just all depends on how much tolerance you have for ambiguity! :rofl:

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Here is a test of the New Moon Percent Tag. So the upper is the classic moon phase Formula posted on the Community . It has a Jump at 1 am after the Full Moon . I have use it on lots of faces no one has ever Complained Ha Ha .
The lower one is the new one . I have checked them out to 2100 on the app I have used for a few years . So the new one does not have the jump and it checked out to 2100 the same . Because of the zero crossing I would set the moon images horizontally . The aspect ratio of my moon images is about right for that Window shape . There are others .

I will make a test with my 28 Image collection if any one is interested .


@russellcresser Thanks for this, I’m glad you’ve looked into the function. Quite interesting!

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Sorry I typed something so stupid I deleted it. Good night Everybody. :joy::blush:

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I added a test moon to an existing face of mine as well (red moon is new tag, and I made everything a bit transparent):

They deviate a bit here and there, roughly they end up being the same.
Note: new tags are not in the beta!

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I made the Test I posted above in Beta.

Here is another test with the new Percent tag to make a Moon on a Stick relative to the sun .

As far as I can check the New one is a bit more accurate.