Phone battery % display incorrectly

as the tittle says, my phone battery % is displaying incorrectly for every watch face that shows the phone%.

It feels like it is not updating the phone battery% very often on my fossil Q explorist watch.
On my watch it is displaying 71% but when i check my phone is at 68%.

Is it not syncing properly? or something else?

My Fossil Q Explorist shows 2% more or less too. I never worried about it. It helps to know aprox and for me its enough…

So it’s roughly accurate, but delayed by a few minutes? @carlosfilippa @jcrash613?

I couldnt say. I will test it charging and discharging and let you know what happens…

Well, it appears to be the time that watch syncs with phone. When you resync watch and phone, face shows the exact phone battery. Then, as time passes, you can have 2 or 3% offset. @Facer_Official, does Facer read phone battery at the same intervals that reads weather information?

@carlosfilippa weather and phone battery are on different schedules. The phone battery is on a 10 minute schedule, but refreshed immediately if a new face is synced. Maybe 10 minute is too long? It’s really a trade-off with the battery (sending any data from the phone to the watch has a battery impact on the watch)

For me 10 min is not too long. Its just an advice to know aprox the value of phone batt. The phone low batt notification does the rest. I’m cool with that, I dont know other users…

@Facer_Official, @carlosfilippa

thanks for the clarification and reply.

Now i know its time sensitive instead of my design error.

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