Phone Battery doesnt work

im trying for houres that my phone battery status will show correct on my gear s3. Every time i close the facer app on galaxy s8 the battery status stop sync with the watch. The app has all permissions to run the whole time. Seems the same with weather information. Even if i choose another watch face on the watch the battery status doesnt change until i open the app. Maybe someone can help me. Sorry for my bad english.

That is a still-emerging error on the side of the Facer itself.
Many functions don’t fully work on Samsung watches.


Ok. Thank you for the quick answer.

Will there be a update to fix this I really like this app it’s kinda disappointing sumthin like this doesn’t work

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm
Immotion Carbon Free watch face and any other with phone battery meter doesn’t update it.
Could be just no value with “–” sign or, if I update watch face by re-sending it to the watch, shows current value but never updates it.
Tried all described hints and tricks - none working.
Is it Facer bug or Tizer or particular watch faces programming one?

You need to make sure “Adaptive Battery” is either turned off or that the Facer app is excluded from the list of apps Android turns off for battery saving. I also open my Facer app two or three times a day just to keep the weather undated also.

seems like this is it… Excluded Facer from “sleeping” apps and battery goes live… Will watch it for a day or so to see if that was the reason

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