Phone battery doesn't work

Hi, i have a samsung gear S3 46mm and when i install a Facer watchface, the status for the phone battery doesn’t work. The phone is a Iphone 11. Anybody knows how i can solve this ?

Hi and welcome,
Unless things have changed recently, Samsung does not support the phone battery feature.

Phone battery works fine on my Galaxy Watch 42mm using Facer, but I have only used it paired to a Samsung phone.
Perhaps Samsung watches do not play nice with Iphone??

ok ,that would clare a lot !

Phone battery does not work with iPhones… I have the same setup as you…


I have a Galaxy watch 46 mm paired with a Huawei P10 light phone and in all Facer’s faces phone battery % is shown correctly. Same % that i see on my phone.

may be due to permission issues between various platforms.