Phone battery icons

Hi Folks, new to the community here! Fantastic resource and knowledgeable folks here, very much looking forward to contributing.

I’m trying to set up a phone battery level indicator. The idea being it would function identically to the watch battery level widget in the creator. I have created a series of PNGs to replace each battery icon so I’m ready to go in that sense.

I just need to re purpose the watch battery preset widget to draw from the phone battery. I can then replace the stock images with my own.

Thanks in advance kind folks!

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A very warm welcome - I look forward to seeing your desings.

As for the watch battery widget - I’m not sure it is possible to repurpose this to show the phone battery; there does not seem to be any user accessible expressions for battery level.

You can create your own by inserting multile image layers with your various battery level icons and set the transparency based on the phone battery level tag, #PBN#