Phone battery indicator not working on watch face

Hi all - I have a Galaxy watch paired with a iPhone 6 - I notice that when I download faces that are meant to show the Phone battery charge that the area is left blank - I am guessing the design can’t pick the up the battery level. Is there a way around this? Or is it a known issue with the watch and iPhone pairing? (ie no way around it)

Any help will be appreciated

It’s not working for me either… did you ever get an answer on this?

Hi @craigkelleigh & @oread

I use my Galaxy Watch with iPhone 7, phone battery tag does not work with iPhones, I tested many times

Tags are working for me, and progress too…

Hmm, you are using iPhone?

I tried before many times it never worked

No… Samsung Galaxy 10+… but the preview on the website not fine, just when active on watch, and in the facer companion on phone.

The phone battery tag does work on Galaxy Watch connected to Android phones but not if connected to iPhone