Phone battery level not refreshing on watchface help

I have a galaxy watch active 1. I managed to get the tags for the phone battery level from searching from the forums but it doesn’t seem to be updating or refreshing as often as it should. Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong pleasE? Thanks

Show exactly how you use this tag

I have the Samsung 46" and have experienced this problem before. All I do is delete the Face on my Watch, completely close the App on my Phone, then resend the Face to my Watch and this seems to work most of the time.
The TAG for Phone is (#PBN#/100)

(clamp(#PBN#, 0, 100))%

Try to simplify to

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I’ll give it a try and update you THanks

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The TAGs I use (for different colours for different levels) are still working just fine for me, for example, for 51-75% I use this -

Looks to be a lot to do to make it work

Welcome to the Community Andre…Battery Levels are real easy to illustrate once you know what you’re doing, and especially with the help of all the friendly and wonderful people we have here :grin: