Phone battery level not updating

Hi, just got a Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. Is there a way to make the phone battery level display update when it is included on some watch faces? Have tried restarting the face and the watch to no effect. Phone is a Galaxy S21

Thanks for any help!

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I’ve had some issue with phone battery level refresh time with my old P20. As soon as I bought a new phone they went away.
With P20, it turned out to be a battery saving feature that caused Bluetooth connection to be frozen after some time of phone being not in use.
Maybe that’s one alley worth checking on your phone.


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As my partner said that may be one of the problems you may have …
Or else …
Try again by resetting the phone and the clock for 5 minutes, again … at the same time …
And when you turn on the cell phone and the watch again, check the Bluetooth status that is correct, either on the cell phone and on the watch.
I think it also has to help …
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Can’t see anything that should be limiting Bluetooth for battery reasons, I have added Facer to the ‘Never sleep’ apps section, will see if that helps :+1:t2:

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