Phone battery level on watch faces ceased to update correctly

Hi to all and to @Facer_Official
I would need help for a very annoying issue that haunts me since before September 4. Problem is that phone battery level, i use #PBN#, marks correct % when i sync the face but from there on no longer updates, remaining stucked to the initial value. Does not follow phone battery consumption.
If i resync the face i have the correct value at the beginning, but again from there on does not update anymore. Before september 4 all worked correctly.
I have the same problem as in my TicWatch Pro 2020, as in my Galaxy Watch 46 mm.
Only watch battery level works correctly.
May be someone could help me?
Thanks in advance
I have the suspect that this issue came up after a Facer update

You already posted here:

Try updating the galaxy wearable app and the firmware of your watch. Mostly it’s a problem, that the App on your phone is outdated with the corresponding update of the watch

Hi @Linlay and @Facer_Official
Yes, i know that i posted something similar. I could tell that this one is an update to my former post. I have been on holiday for a week and during this time i updated the related apps. WearOS; Facer; and Galaxy Wearable.
I hoped that with updates the problem could be resolved, but the issue is still there.
More, at the time of my previous post the issue concerned only my TicWatch Pro. Now my Galaxy watch too is involved. For this reason i did another post hoping in the help of someone.
I would say that since the problem involves 2 watches with 2 different OS, the fault is of Facer.
May be i’m the only one in the community to experience this problem?

Hi @William

Thanks for your reply. I updated Galaxy wearable a few days ago. Regarding firmware the last update is of December 2019. From then no more updates for Galaxy watch 46mm.
More, considering that the problem affects my TicWatch Pro too it seems that something is going bad from Facer side

The same problem on Samsung watch 4 classic…
Any support?