Phone Battery Level

What is the code for the Phone Battery charge state setting?
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Hi @j-ag299, I’m not really sure what you mean by “charge state setting”. There is a charging state flag for the watch but I can only see the following three tags for the phone:

In case you have not seen it, the published list of tags can be found here

I hope that helps.

Is there a Tag for the Phone Battery Percentage Progress, like there is for the Watch Battery (#BLN#/100)? I want a Progress Ring for the Phone as well as the Watch please

Just replace the one with the other :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks ThaMattie, but that doesn’t work :slightly_frowning_face: It only changes with Watch Battery Percentage, not Phone.

Thanks to Papaberean, here is the tag to use guys - (clamp(#PBN#, 0, 100)/100)
Works perfectly :grinning:

that does exactly the same… The only thing this “clamp” does is keep it between 0 and 100, which a battery percentage already is.

I used (#BLN#/100) for watch and (#PBN#/100) for phone and they work fine on both creator and Fossil watch:

I Creator, the #PBN#/100 only moves when you change the Battery Percentage slider, not when you move the Phone Battery Percentage slider, it is only the (clamp(#PBN#, 0, 100)/100) that works properly for the Phone Percentage when I use it in Creator. Here’s the Face I just created using it -
Animated Flying Superman Face

As you can see in my screenshot, it does… you do need the parentheses though

Thanks LaMattie, don’t know what I was doing wrong before, but it works just fine now :woozy_face: