Phone battery never updates on my Samsung Gear S3

The only time my phone battery level updates is when I resync the watchface. Otherwise is never changes from the last time I synced.

Hi @dcsheckler

If you are using an Android phone, check to ensure the application is not set to go to sleep. I have a Samsung S8 and Gear S3 and was having similar issues with weather and battery. The setting is in the Settings>Device maintenance> Battery under the un-monitored apps, make sure Facer is in the list. If it is not in the list, I would add it.



I’ll be damned. It was that simple? THANK YOU!!!

@cdownie1967 wow - that’s a good tip!

@dcsheckler - if that works for you too, can you confirm here? We’ll escalate this to our engineering team to see if we can work on a fix that wouldn’t need this settings

Hi @Facer_Official,

Here is further information on Android doze and Samsung “auto sleep” for the engineering team:


Android doze:


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Amazing! Thanks for sharing that.
Love your faces by the way - will share them with our editorial team to see if we can give you a little boost! :wink:

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Thank you for the feedback and kind words! Always willing to help!


Great Call… Been dealing with the phone battery issue for months now