Phone battery status freezes

Before all i want apologize for this repost. I posted something similar in another place of yhe forum, but having had no replies, may be it was the wrong section, so i try again.
From yesterday sept. 3 i’m experiencing a strange issue on my TicWatch Pro. The issue happens with all faces. The phone battery, simply represented in some of my faces with a phone icon and the tag #PBN#,marks correct % when i sync the face.
After that the phone battery % freezes. Phone battery goes down, but not in the watch that continue to show initial %. Until the day before it worked correctly.Another hint.
Changing and synchronizing a new face the battery level of the phone remains stuck to that of previous face, with no regards toward the real battery phone reading.
No success reinstalling the app on the watch.

WATCH TicWatch Pro 2020

PHONE Huawei P 10 light

FACER version on watch


Has Facer or WearOS recently updated on either your phone or watch. Whenever @Facer_Official pushes out an update is when little bugs creep in, the same thhing goes for Google.

Hi @mrantisocialguy
Thanks for your reply. Yes as wear Os as Facer have had an update on my watch a couple pf days ago. May be this is the cause of the problem. Now i’m trying a hard reset of the watch restoring it to factory conditions.
It’s a hard work but i think it worts a try.
I also mailed Facer support, but ihave very little confidence in their response. They hardly answer,
After having restored my watch i will not update neither Facer nor Wear Os, just to see what happens.
One more thing. Blessed be Tizen. Never had problems wit it in more than 2 years of use,
Thanks again, stay well

When you are asking for help like this you also need to include @Facer_Official in the post. That way it will be on their radar screen and they sometimes reply faster this way.

Thanks for this precious tip. I will do for sure