Phone battery status

Made my own watch face last night. .phone battery seem to be working. .when I look this morning it’s the same as it was last night. .restarted app…restarted watch. .changed watch face. .now it only shows -% I’m connected via bt… I don’t have always on display.

Ok now it is showing a number… still not the right number… watch shows phone is at 89% and my phone is at 84%… So how long does it take to refresh… Sorry for the dumb questions… I am brand new to this…

Hey J,
This happens to me. Not very often, but once in a while especially if I’m constantly pushing my dev copy to my watch over and over again. I’ll also have a situation where the Dim mode won’t show at all, the watch is completely black. then when I raise my arm the Dim mode shows for 1 second before cutting to the full face. I think the reboots is the right path. But I dont just restart the app, I would bounce the watch and bounce the phone. Then let them both boot up and see where you are. Or bounce the phone first, then bounce the watch. If you’re having particular trouble with a feature (like weather icons), delete the feature, save the face, push to your watch. Then, re-add the feature, save the face, re-push to your watch. I also like your idea of pushing any other watchface first, then pushing your dev copy again for testing.

My percentages change, but I have colors setup to reflect the percentages using transparency.
Colors change on the Facer Creator website, but not on my watch. This is my creation:

I just restarted my phone and then the #PBP# text code on my watch now shows phone battery.