"Phone is not supported on this device" Android Tic Watch Pro 3 Ultra

Recently purchased a tick watch pro and I cannot get it to work with the phone icon I push the phone icon and it always tells me phone is not supported on this device I know that it works with other watches like Samsung’s but it does not work on this one for some reason is this a bug or is this just something that I got to deal with

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Welcome to the Facer Community @RUBENinAZ . I have had a quick look TickWatch Pro is running WearOS and is supported by Facer . So Let us have the Model number S or what ever . Sorry to say you might have to Reinstall the Facer App on your phone and then your watch . We like to switch on all the permissions to get the connection working properly . Connect with Bluetooth may switch of the WiFi on your watch for now . Good luck . Keep us in touch . We await your good news .

So sorry the Specification is in the Topic title . Well done .

I see from that your watch is updatable to OS3
That might be part of the hang up .
Someone with more answers on OS3 might join in soon . If not I will Invoke them .

I’ve tried to reinstallation to no avail. So for some reason any watch faces that have a phone icon whenever I press that button it tells me that phone is not supported on this device I noticed one other person in the forum had the same problem I also have went through the settings and enabled all permissions for the app and the watch

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OK one stupid question before I make a SWAG. (Scientific Wild Assuming Guess) In the other TWP3 Ultra post you commented in that fellow was using a Pixel 6 cellphone, is that what you have for your phone?



I have exactely the same issue on my Ticwatch pro 3 ultra. Already a solution?


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Sorry to say I think you will have to contact facer-support@little-labs.com or https://help.facer.io/hc/en-us/requests/new for further help with this . Give them as much detail as you can . Watch and Phone model . App update numbers etc. I hope you resolve it soon .

Thanks Russel, I will do that and if I have a solution, I’ll put the information.

Bye Nico

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