Phone Wifi Level always showing 0

I’m trying to use the #PWL# tag on a Progess bar. when I push to my wearOS to test, the value shows as 0 when I have a strong wifi connection, what am I missing?

in the middle of the watch face I have a progress bar & text ‘Signal’ that in theory updates based on the wifi level. to test this I have placed #PWL# on the left side of the progress bar too

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Hey @karl.mearns. Welcome. Have you Enabled the WiFi receiver on your watch. I have tested it and it worked on the Galaxy Active but I don’t bother to use it unless I have to. Testing Galaxy Watch Studio stuff . I find the whole Affair more reliable using the Bluetooth connection.

If your watch is connected to your phone through Bluetooth, the watch will automatically shut off it’s Wi-Fi signal unless it is needed by something, even if you have Wi-Fi enabled, thus the 0 reading. This saves watch battery since it can pull most data directly through your phone via Bluetooth.

If you turn off Bluetooth, the watch will switch over to Wi-Fi and the value should then reflect your signal strength.

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If you have an iPhone, the phone battery level will not work…

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