Photoshop Critical Security Patches

3 days ago…

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What has this to do with Facer ? Everybody who use PS get it…

Windows 10 also had an update today, and Logitech also the dollar dropped 2 cents…

Did not no this was also for news updates and bored people :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, your post is more off topic than the original as it’s the Photoshop category, not the backseat moderate category.

Most of the community around here tries to be helpful and contribute. If that bothers you, perhaps this isn’t the community for you?


Fair, but plz explain to me what is the helpful part of the post ?

Photoshop updates are brought to every user by Adobe… you don’t have to do anything for that.
It’s just as useful as telling it will be dark at night (in 99% of the world)

I actuality like useful posts but posts like this make then hard to notice.
It’s the same as posting the news about a new beta from Facer… you all get the message so posting it would only flood the community with old news…

The most helpful segment of my post was the three dots (…) after “ago”

@cth4242: “the backseat moderate category:sweat_smile:



Tree days ago…

I did eat Ice cream (strawberry)

So cool to dive into history in this community…

My way to say I really still not get it… Might be the age… i’m born in 1965, did survive the switch from Compuserve to the real Internet, started to use the Interweb to make a living in 1995 and now I get confused by youngster who only make things from a box (like Facer) :slight_smile:

I’m from the age we only shared information that was real news… that way BS would not be in the way of it :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(But it might has something to do that an 9600 baud modem was not really a speed demon)

Hmmm … what was going wrong with your life? :slight_smile:

I am as well born in 1965, survived the cold war, had a lot of fun in the 80‘s, loved all the great things computers brought to us and enjoy the simpleness of modern times now. Why is there a need to complain or to offend other users here?


No worries gents… (and I’m older than all of you)

Everyone feels the need for their own content - and there’s been much over the years. I remember - a user community badly laced with flamers and trolls. People spent all day proving how much better they were other others. That may not be true today - I dropped off years ago.

The absent members: I used to call the phpBB forum “Beverly Hills” (90,000 homes, no visible people). It was a forum with thousands of members but I had to bump my questions 5-10 times to get an answer on something and would go weeks with no reply :smile: Dropped off that one too.

Then there’s the reverse with a forum’s Thread Police… like God help you if you post a question and misuse a comma… or forget the question mark (?) :expressionless:


I never talked about the need to do anything…

I even served during the cold war (and later in the middle east) I did also pick up a few things…

A lot of people I know from my own sites where wondering how things are done here… some people get premium from out of nowhere some people have a protected status and some people can’t make a single copy or get banned… that still trigger me… I’m an old fashion person something can or can’t something is legal or illegal…

For me things can not be a little aloud or a little forbidden… same as a little pregnant… it’s kinda non existing.

That is why I get angry if I see great designers don;t get a change as long Facer promote the fakes from some users… the original design is simply not showing up while the top 100 is filled with copies from protected brands.

I also did give them a solution and they started to send requests to the brands to be aloud to get the same permission as other users have on Facer, that way they can make what they want wit out getting kicked.

I for example have written (mail) permission to make a face of my both Rolex watches and share them, one condition, I am not aloud to charge for it… I’m more then oke with that… Facer just did ignore that did remove them and refuse to answer on anything…

Again, there is no need to be angry I just stepped up to help out some people who really do great work even nobody notice…

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I hate grammar nazi’s I always ask them to write me the same in Dutch… People sometimes forget it’s not natural to be perfect in grammar in an other language then your own…

[off topic ]
I was born in 1973, got my start on Q-Link on my C64 on a 300 baud modem. Got my start Internet wise in 1991/1992 in North Carolina. I saw some guys in the lab getting excited about some dumb web thing which I said would never work :smiley: I was more interested in usenet and telnet instead.

As far as being angry at clones… I get it. Have you reported or flagged any of them by chance? I prefer original and more creative designs. Honestly, the Top 100 isn’t the be all end all for being noticed. In fact, it’s constantly fluctuating and automated. Most people drill down categories or search directly for a design.

Your advice for people to make clones to get noticed is counter-productive though as it’s just encouraging the problem. It’s frustrating, I agree, but that’s the wrong way to go about it by exacerbating the problem.

Syncs obtained by cloning isn’t useful especially if you’re looking to get exposure as those are a dime a dozen. If those users have a lot of followers chances are those followers are following thousands more and any new original design is buried with all those other creators they’re following.

Just my two cents.

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The top 100 and Trending get most hits… (you can easy verify that) most visitors is most syncs…

My first two faces where the Rolex replica’s they got a huge amount of syn’s right away… so people look at your profile and see the rest of your work… so YES getting the attention with “fakes” works…

We do monitor the top 100 and the same people with the same “fakes” are there for weeks… The whole thing was about the fact some can put them up some not… not if it’s good, bad, smart or creative…

The people who put up their work here are the good one’s not the people who rip them off… If you can you should look at the data Google provide… this site is doing kinda well on the “fakes” and the premium designer… they are in the cold as soon Google pulls the plug for all those fakes that Facer is pushing… (Play does have a huge amount or rules…)

To me it seems the few premium designers are afraid to stand up or they just don’t care… but I can tell you if Facer not end the rule to aloud some people to put on fakes your soon a Premium designer of an site that is not longer available…

Its like listening to a broken record over and over and over and over and over…

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