Pixel Watch 1 random reboots


On my Pixel Watch 1, I get random half reboots (by that I mean it looks like the systemui process crashes like it would on my phone if something crashes it), this happens on most watch faces, being as I don’t own a Pixel Watch dev cradle, I don’t believe I can get systemUI crash logs.

My question is: is this a known issue?

I don’t have a Pixel first gen watch so I can’t answer directly. You are the first person I’ve seen to post about it, so it can’t be very common. I would find out how to clear the cache on your watch and see if that helps. If that doesn’t, I would do a total restore of the watch like you were selling it to someone. Then reinstall Facer and see if that fixes the issue. It sounds like either a WearOS update or a Facer update has a glitch and is triggering your problem.