Pixel Watch Heart rate does not update

I have a Pixel Watch with the Pixel 7 Pro.
When I switch to a Facer Watch Face, the heart rate no longer updates.
Even when I go into the Fitbit HR app, the values no longer update. In the fitbit app on mobile I have a flatline at the last value.
But the step counter works and the values update in the Fitbit app and in the Watch Face.
Initially, I also had the problem that the step counter was at 0. Then I saw the known issue, but on the last try the step counter worked. But my values were <1000 at that time.

My Versions:
Wear OS 3.5
Build-Number: RWD9.220429.053.G1
Wear Main services:
Google-Play-Services: 22.44.17 (220300-488410709)
Android Security Patch: July 1st, 2022

Facer-App: 6.0.17_1101631.watch
FitBit: 3.107.2

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Hey @thorti . Welcome to Mayhem . Facer and Samsung are trying very hard at the moment to integrate all the different watch sensors to the new OS . On GW4/5 we got an update that gives us Live Heart Rate . Trust me they are Fixing it . My Advice it to keep reinstalling the Facer Companion app . If the Fit Bit count is not working that is down to Google . I do not know if Fit Bit belongs to Google it is so complicated . Take all the updates you can and switch on all Permissions on everything if you want it to work .
Please keep us in touch with your Progress.
If all else fails you will have to contact Little Labs .

As russellcresser said: update Facer both on watch and phone, the new update rolled out few days ago and fixed those problems for samsung watches.
Is it fixed for Pixel watch - I cannot say.

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