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Please add sunrise/sunset data for at least 5 days on load

When using #DISDAYTIME# it will not work for any day past the day you are on. If at night you can work the hour backward, if at day, forward but a time machine speed run stops working at, I am assuming, Midnight.

This is evidenced by the sample below where even the text tag for #DISDAYTIME# stops working.

Could we please have at least 5 days of sunrise/set info in the creator and previews so that we can test our work is perpetually functional without having to sync to a watch and wait days to confirm it works before continuing.


I suspect you won’t be able to get this, as it probably gets this data from an external source similar to how the facer watch app gets the 5 day forecast from openweather.com. Their source is probably only good for the current day.


I am sure the facer servers have access to the openweather servers more than the watches do.

They could at least take your location fro your account though rather than defaulting to Los Angeles.

If I am designing a watch it needs to know where I am to be accurate for tests.
If I am reviewing a watch I might ignore it thinking it is trash for showing wrong information.
I might bypass facer altogether if I need accurate weather information (Sorry, whole other conversation).

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