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I believe that the creator is just selling their top Watch Faces from 2023. Most Wanted Collection is just the name. Its a collection put together by SI Design to promote their products. If you’d like to see the most popular faces on Facer I think the Top Charts tab can show you what your looking for.


Welcome @johnhorvath204 . Glad you found the Top 100 Charts . @icrltd4 the thing about bigging yourself up it is best to go Big I suppose . I think we saw the Maker here for a while . Too big for the Community now I think . I could be completely wrong of course I often am .

Must be the greatest creator ever. :smirk: :rofl:

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I see nothing strange here. It is a collection of faces most wanted from a certain creator, he decided to put together from his top sync list.
It happend to get promotion from Facer as it is, not as most wanted on Facer platform.

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