Please help Im really stuck and confused

Hi fellow creators,
Im having an issue with my two gauges I have alreadygot some help from some lovely people but changed my design slightly. I am looking for somebody to help me with my 2 subdials as I have tried for at least an hour but cant get them to work. I understand it has something to do with the tags but this is my first watch and I am a noob lol… I have enebled inspection mode so you can have a fiddle yourself and see if yous can figure it out.
Any help is really appreciated

Have you tried ((#BLN# * 2.40)-30)? That should do it for your battery hand. Steps should work the same but changing a few values. ((#ZSC# * 2.40)-120) I hope that works and helps. 2.40 is 240 degrees since that’s your number of degrees the hand will sweep. The other number is telling it where to start from.

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Just no spaces around the *


Orion just overtake my answer.
1st.- You need to fix the battery level hand, has a wrong centre.
2nd.- Orion already answer that. (;
3rd.- We may help more if you say how many steps it will be your goal.

Best of luck!



Haha sorry about that.
He’s right about 3.)
Should be correct for 10k steps.

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Thanks for your help guys I’m currently out and will try those formulas tomorrow. To answer your question my step goal is 8k

How would I do it for 8k then @ozzkosa @Orion



Thanks very much andrew