Please help me test it

Hi, everyone!

I’m always working on new and interesting solutions and recently while creating some watch movement based scripts I came across a potential problem.
It appears that different watches give back different results when it comes to accelerometer and gyro tags.

Because of that, I have a request for anyone with some spear time: please help me test if it is truly a thing.
At the end, you will find 2 faces I created that I want you to test (they might look similar, but they are not).

Here is the list of thing I would ask you:

  1. what watch are you using it on?
  2. what OS is it running (Tizen/AW 2.0/AW 1.0)?
  3. while making general movements with both those faces do you see any major differences (on one number stay at a specific value, or the rage is different)
  4. in what range do you see all values move.

please test them in as many positions (relative to the ground) as possible.

Here you have the facts: Facer - Thousands of FREE watch faces for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more Facer - Thousands of FREE watch faces for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more

The link previews aren’t loading. Can you try and report just the hyperlink to the watches?

I know I’ve had an issue with My Huawei Watch not displaying the Accelerometer information correctly. This was one of the tests I ran trying to make the shiny part stay fixed based on gravity:

Works on the view from my Phone, but once synced the rotation is fixed and doesn’t work.

Hey @Mellin the iFrames are not loading. Not sure you can just post regular links anymore.


Ok, changed it. Is it better now?

Test 1 is bunk on my Huawei classic watch. All values stay at 0.

Huawei (classic)
Android W2.0.0.163484626.gms

On Test 2, I get the A Values but no G values.
Ax and Ay values range between -10 and 10.

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ok @Mellin, I’m on a Hwawei model 3695 running AW2.0.

test1 and test2 are almost identical

test1: Ax, Ay ranges in the low 8’s (+8.2 to -8.2)
Gx/y = 0

test2: Ax, Ay ranges in the mid 9’s (+9.7 to -9.6)
Gx/y = 0


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Hi @Mellin, here you go

Fosil Q Marshal
Android Wear 2.0.0
Android OS 7.1.1

Test 1:
Ax: -10 --> 9.4
Ay -9.7 --> 9.7
Gx/Gy: 0

Ax: -9.0 --> 9.5
Ay -9.7 --> 9.7
Gx/Gy: 0


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Hi @Mellin, feedback as follows:

Watch: Samsung S3 Frontier
Software: R760xx42BQCS

Test 1:
Ax = blank
Ay = blank

Gx = -3 to -145
Gy = +2 to -6

Test 2:
Ax = blank
Ay = blank

Gx = -1 to +247
Gy = +2 to -52

Hope this helps

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Well now that’s interesting…

Accelerometer readings for Android
Gyro readings for Tizen.

No gyro response for Android
No accel response for Tizen