Please help with a pulse effect

how i can do a pulse effect with only 1 image? it´s possible? where i can see more to understand the equations you use to create effects?

It depends on what you’re trying to accomplish animation wise.

Here’s an example of a speaker pulsing:

In this case, there’s a single image duplicated. The second layer’s transparency is set to be visible at an alternating interval (image is 95%). So, let’s say it’s visible for a second, then goes invisible at which case the background image is displayed (full sized image). This simulates a simple page flip animation consisting of 2 images.

It’s sort of explained here:

Some other threads that might be fun reading:

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There’s a lot of ways to accomplish this type of animation but it’d help to know what you have in mind. Plenty of people will help with formulas if you don’t know how to do something. A lot of times, it’s easy to add a formula and tweak it to see what parts affect things to better understand it.

Long story short… you apply formulas to certain fields. Depending on the fields and type of formula used the effect can be different. Usually it’s the transparency field that’s used.

Here’s a nice tutorial from Facer:

Fade In / Fade Out and “Breathing” Motion


that help a lot, thank you.