Please Help with some rotational movement

Hi, I’m hoping someone can help me with this issue. I am currently trying to make the hand (tom’s right hand) rotate along with the arm (minute hand) but I’d like the hand itself to not only rotate around the watch face but also stay in the same “fingers up” position. Is this possible to do and if so, any help would be much appreciated.

yes the hand can rotate independently (and along with) with arm, but are you saying through out the whole circle you want the index finger to stay pointing up?


Yes… Kind of like as if he was washing a window.

got it.

So couple of things first.
a. It is important that Tom’s arm rotates exactly dead center of the face (x=160, y=160) from his shoulder. I can see from your screenshot that Tom’s shoulder is off center. You’ll need to drag the whole image right to bring the shoulder girdle back to the center of to face.
b. If Tom’s left hand goes off-screen you can graphically shorten his left gray arm to bring the left hand back on-screen.
c. Cut-off Tom’s right arm and color in the hole in his body to repair - now you have an arm- minute hand to work with.
d. cut off the right hand as a separate image.

Now you should have three elements (1) the background with Tom’s body and left arm/hand. (2) a separate image of Tom’s right arm. (3) another separate image of Tom’s right hand.

Next, turn Tom’s right arm into a minute-hand PNG file so it rotates correctly in Creator. Just set it for normal rotation like #DWFMS#.

Lastly, take a read through @Mellin’s Sine/Cosine circular movement (not-rotation), to move Tom’s hand in a circle:

@Mellin describes these two formulas that go in the X-position and Y-position fields (not in the rotation field):
(((sin(((t+xa)/180)*pi))*xr)+x) for the x-axis
(((cos(((t+ya)/180)*pi))*yr)+y) for the y-axis
The instructions are in the post - it is excellent work.

So you thought you were done with your high school trigonometry, eh? WRONG! hahaha

Hope this helps,

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Awesome! thank you for your help. I should have paid better attention in class I guess. lol. I’ll read up and play around with the design a bit. thanks again!