PNG picture of just your watch?

I’m trying to figure out how to get a .png of my watch so I can build a banner for my collection. Do you have to take a screen capture then bring it into a graphics editor and remove the background? I would think there would be some kind of button that allows you to save a picture of your watch in .png form so you can use it for promotional or other things.

I’ve looked all over and have clicked on the watch and done the “Save as” and it just gives me a big white picture.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

an option to output the assembled face as a PNG from the creator would be a great feature. If you use Photoshop or Gimp to do the graphics you can assemble in there and output to PNG to get the best quality pic of your face. Otherwise it’s going to be some form of screenshot you’ll have to work with.

The Watchmaker app allows for much larger/higher resolution previews so sometimes I’ve been building a duplicate face of my facer projects in Watchmaker just so I can get a good screenshot.

I use a black background for my collection banners. I bring the watch face that I want to use into view mode then click the expand button above the sync blue button. Then I click the light bulb and make the background dark and take a screen capture and use it in my graphics program to produce the collection banner.


If you click the settings icon in the viewer you can download preview images of your main and dim faces. Is that what you’re talking about?

Yes, if I could click on the settings and get the watch face with the band it would be perfect. That does help in getting a good watch face image. It sounds like to get a picture I’m going to have to take a screen shot.

Thank you so much for all the ideas!

I may not be doing it correctly, but in order to get the watch band, I make a screenshot and use a graphics app to resize it in a high res. for banners and promo images.

You can also easily find various hi-res OEM pics of all the smart watch brands already in transparent png format, then will you have to do is place your watch face screen shot into that.

Yeah, but that’s stealing someone else’s pic. Since Facer has gotten access to use the bodies we have now, pretty sure those are ok to use in our promos. But yeah, just make your browser window as big as you can, set the background to either black or white depending on how you’re going to treat it in your promo, take the screenshot and then download the hi-res face pics and paste them onto the body.

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I thought the OP was asking about the skins used by Creator. I’ve never looked for .png images because I thought the brands might object if we show something that is not a stock watch face. I have permission from only 1 brand now. That’s a good idea if others don’t have a problem with that.

Haha, kind of figured someone would say that. But I’m talking about the stock pics provided by brands to all the retailers and reviewers. They all use the same pic. You can find 100 copies of the same picture of let’s say the Fossil Carlyle scaled to a variety of resolutions all over different retailer web sites. Logic and reason say they’re ok with this.

I use only my own photography for all my banner backgrounds, and I’ve made a variety of templates of various brands smart watches which I can easily place a face in and put in one of my backgrounds. Another option is take a your own picture of your watch to create your background which already includes the watch case. That’s what I did for this one:

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Right, but just because a bunch of people are stealing doesn’t make it ok lol. I don’t know if the shots you’re talking about are free to use for commercial purposes or not, but regardless, everyone should take care in using imagery and content they did not create and do not own the licenses to.

As for taking your own pics, that’s probably ok. I don’t know the legalities of say, taking a picture of your BMW, putting your company logo on the door and making a poster of it to sell. But if you use a picture you took of a watch that’s already available as a body here on Facer, I would assume that’s ok. However some brands may take issue with you showing their products in a light they did not approve.

Ford sued Jon Cena for selling his Ford GT that HE BOUGHT!

But you are “assuming” that Facer has explicit permission as opposed making a decision based on their own discretion. And you’re further “assuming” that even if they have such permission that it’s ok for an individual to piggyback on that permission. So really it’s not different, you are just drawing your line somewhere else. Plus (and this is something I have looked into, so I’m not just guessing) watch brands basically send out and/or make available an electronic media kit to retailers and industry media complete with specs, blurbs, and pics. These pics aren’t stolen by them, they are provided as promotional material. At some point I’m willing to exercise a little discretion based on common sense and educated reasoning.

Yea I’m assuming that Facer has the ok to use those watch bodies and that we can use them to showcase our face designs since Facer has worked with the swiss watch companies many times from what I know, and just recently Montblanc. They’re paying attention to Facer. These brands said it was ok to show users faces on their bodies on the Facer site so yea, I’m assuming, but I think that’s a pretty good guess that we can use them to promote/sell our stuff on Facer.

And I know that brands put out fan kits and media kits but those are to promote THEIR products not to showcase yours. That’s my point. Wonder what they’d say if you asked them if you could edit their media kit images to promote and sell your work and not their watch?


I have some experience with that. The kits that I have received via my official connection with a brand are to sell their products, not change them by inserting my stuff into them – unless I have their permission.

hmmm you seem to be saying that your own reasoned assumptions are ok but not the next guy’s. Regardless… I’m comfortable with my reasoned assumptions too. Carry on with this if you want, I don’t have any more to say about it.

No, I was just telling you how I came to my conclusions.

Everyone here is trying to help you, and everyone else, succeed on Facer. Many of us have been through some of the things you’re talking about and we’re sharing our experiences with you and letting you know what may or may not be good for you in the future on this platform.

For example, I replied to this thread because you told Optic Eye to just grab images online from diff watch brands, and that could get them into trouble in the future.

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