PNG with Transparent background still showing white on watch face

I am new to all of this, and am just trying to use a PNG with a transparent background as the background image for the watch face. However, it still shows a white box around the object. What can I do to stop this from happening?

Did you place the image into a new layer or did you just load it into the default background?

I always place my “background” image in a new layer above the default background. I started doing this when I was having issues. I don’t remember what problem I was having but I have just kept doing it.

Anyway, just a thought - not sure if it will help or not.

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Sometimes when you save a png with a transparent background, if the selection isn’t a hard edge, it will leave remnants. I would take the lasso tool and select the white box elements that you want to remove, then re-delete it. re-save, and try again.

Good luck, if all else fails, you can put the image up here and we’ll fix it for ya.

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Did you create the .png or did you download an image from the internet? If you created it, which graphics application did you use?