Point me in the right direction

Point me in the right direction (pun intended)…I have a project that has been waiting for ages to finish because i don’t know how to tackle the problem I’m facing. I have a none circular watchface and I want to grow and shorten the hands as they rotate. Imagine a triangular face with tick marks on the outside and hands that lengthen or shorten as requred.

If anybody can point me in the right direction i would be grateful. Please dont give me the expression(s) if indeed it is possible, just point me in the right direction so that I learn.



Sorry all I can do is show you a Face I made . It was hard won and I could not possibly explain how it goes as I am not a teacher . If nothing else it will show you that things are possible . Check it out with Square preview .


That’s well cool how you’ve done that @russellcresser :trophy:

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Oh, that’s cool! :star_struck:

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Thanks Guys. I did not want to Hijack the Topic. People ask for Square Faces. But I don’t thing they go much searching. This was published 8 months ago and has had 13 Syncs. The most rewarding thing is it has a few comments.

To @BIELITZ. If you want to continue your project without borrowing any thing from any one. I will just say I do these tricks by having seperate hands for the different directions. I dare say it can be done another way.


Hi @russellcresser multiple hands is exactly the sort of hint I was hoping for! Thanks very much.
From the comments coming in many others are impressed with your work…especially me. I’m in awe of some of the contributors here!

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Sinus/Cosinus give smooth values, but I find it difficult to use. Another approach would be to change the length of the hand depending where the hand is according to your shape. So for example if you want the second hand to grow between 0 and 90 degrees, the height (starting length of hand at 102) value could be:


Of course you may need some multiplyers in the formula and the clamp function to limit the length.