Policy on sport team logos?

I’m wanting to make a face to support my favorite team but I don’t want to get into trouble for using a copywrited logo. What exactly is the policy, can it just be considered fan art if it’s a free face?

im not sure
i think if you are using it for your own use instead of “for sale” and making money off it then it should be fine… if you make money off it then that would be commercial use

but i could be wrong dont quote me on that lol

Yeah that’s kinda what I was thinking. Technically it’s E-sports and not like the NFL or something so I don’t see any of them being mad at free advertising. At the same time though I don’t want to compromise my facer account in any way. Far to much hard work has been put into this. :slight_smile:

i mean from doing a quick google search it basically a general consensus that youll need their approval but as far as Esports im not sure.

Maybe I’ll hit up their Facebook page and see if I can get a response. I suppose I can use it and just not publish it. That probably wouldn’t harm anyone.

US Fair Use laws allow you to use it for personal things. You cannot in any form charge or accept monetary compensation for it. It would have to be free. But also, you do NOT have to Publish a watch face to use it. you can leave it unpublished in your personal collection an no one but you would know about it or ever be able to use it.

Yeah I’m aware of keeping it personal, I have quite a few private faces. Mainly because they are works in progress or concept/code testing faces. I would like to publish it because I want to help other fans support the team too if they wish. I’d say I’m about half way done with it already and it’s looking pretty slick. Either way, thank you for the information. I greatly appreciate it.

as said, you can publish it and put it out there, just can’t charge for it.

basically free for everyone… the moment you take even a single penny you open yourself up to legal issues lol

might even want to add all copyrights are to blah blah blah so they dont think you are trying too.

Yeah, probably not a bad plan. I couldn’t charge even if I wanted to though. Still working towards that premium designer thing. Haha