Pop image on then fade out

I’m wanting to pop an image on and fade it out, I like this speed but it fades in and I cannot figure out how to just pop it on. I’m wanting to use a toggle but I can do that, this code is just the example of the speed.

$#DWE#<3300?(sin(#DWE# * 1.047)*100):0$

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This is what I use: Fade out image or text when starting active mode:
(100-(interpAccel(#DWE#,0,2,2)*100)) Place in Opacity
The 0,2,2 is speed. 0,A,B) A, is ON TIME larger number = longer b4 fade
B) is fade time larger number is LONGER fade


Did I get it right? You want to fade in the object upon wake and fade out again. This over annd over until DWE =3300. Or just once?

Doesn’t work. Just fade out, one time.

You can make it completely linear.
use this for opacity (100*clamp(1-#DWE#/2,0,1))
100 is for initial opacity 2 is how many seconds will the transition to 0 take.


Thanks but I ended up getting this to work just like I wanted


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