Positioning an object in an orbit?

hi, one of the faces I thought I’d share here has a tourbillon where of course the escape wheel needs to orbit around the center. I’ve looked at a lot of past discussions, tutorials and have made a little mock-up to help me refine the animation coding, I mostly have it figured out. I’ve got the escape wheel orbiting around the center completing its revolution in 60 sec, But… one thing I can’t figure out is how to reposition that object forward or backwards say 20deg behind the second hand but still keep it’s full revolution at 60sec.

I’m coming from Watchmaker Premium where I’m familiar with how to do this but totally new to Facer.

Here’s the link to my mock-up so you can see what I’ve got so far.

Anyone know how to do this? THanks!

maybe if you give your formula someone can help you to change it like you want

@kvansant – If I understood what you requested… you want that escapement wheel to be either ahead or behind it’s current position along the balance wheel? If so, all you should need to do is change the #DWFSS# part of your formula under Position X and Y on the escapement wheel.

For example:

From (Position X):
((160 + sin(-#DWFSS#/58)*60))

((160 + sin(-(#DWFSS#+60)/58)*60))

The 60 within (#DWFSS#+60) you can change to whatever you want to position the wheel exactly where you want it along the gold circle’s edge. Just remember to apply the same change and value to the Position Y.

Edit: If you want to place the little wheel in a very specific position relative to a specific value of seconds in time, remember you can add #DWFSS# to a regular Text element and then use the simulation to see exactly how the seconds rotation is incremented. From there you can add or subtract exactly the value you want. For example: (#DWFSS#+6) to add 1 second to the rotation.


Thanks much for taking the time to help! I will experiment with this and let you know how it goes.

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@frankyarg I believe I enabled inspection mode in the mock-up I shared so the code I used should be visible. But I’m totally unfamiliar with Facer still so possibly it’s not?

@AllenMiquel So I’ve tried what you’ve suggested but what this does is changes the revolution speed. I still want the escape wheel to complete an orbit in exactly 60 seconds so that I can have it correctly positioned on it’s bearing assembly that also is rotating at the same speed as the seconds hand.

Did you succeed with your formula in a way that didn’t change the speed but rather only the placement?

*** edited again because I found 57.6 instead of 58 brings it more precisely to a 60sec revolution

But… It’s not clear to me exactly how the original formula works
I don’t know why /57.6 for example is required to have it rotate at 60 seconds. I just used trial and error to come up with that number. Here in facer the only watch faces I’ve found that have a properly animated tourbillon are the Waldorf watches. But can’t look under the hood to see how they’ve coded the escape wheel.

((160 + cos(-#DWFSS#/57.6)*60))

*** final edit***

@AllenMiquel I think I’ve got it! Still don’t understand, but for now it’s good enough that I’ve got it :slight_smile: I remember reading multiple times that Facer loves parenthesis, so I got your mod to my code working by putting #DWFSS#+X in parenthesis.

So, thanks so much! I never would have cracked that without your help. Cheers!

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Glad you got it working buddy :slight_smile: Didn’t my examples include parenthesis? :stuck_out_tongue:

not enough apparently! :slight_smile:

I also spent some time getting the escapement fork to rock/rotate properly. I was able to figure that out too but in the end it was still trial and error with where and how many parentheses to include.

Gotcha! Well I’m glad! Good stuff!

I’ll post the face soon. I’m pretty happy to be able to actually accurately duplicate my version from Watchmaker. I did a search here on Facer for tourbillons and couldn’t find one that was complete and realistically/accurately animated. Even the Waldorfs are missing the pallet fork!