Possible to show the day in a curve, like the Rolex Daydate?

Here is an example. Many conventional watches have this feature, this is just one example.

A lot of us are waiting for the curved Text feature implemented in Facer Creator… :slight_smile:

But, anyway, you can do it already, when you are skilled in Photoshop or other programs like it.

You need a transparent mask at the main face and a Circle-Image beneath it with all the Names sorted in 7 parts of 360 degrees. Monday normally has to be an 12 o´clock position.

Then you use the rotational code for the day of week (#DWR#) and that´s it.

I hope, this will help you a little bit.

Hello @facer12,

a lot of things is possible in the (alternative) way like @GAUSS wrote. Here an example from my collection with open inspector mode :wink:

Especially this effect (day date in a curve) is pretty easy to realize.


Instead of actual text, you can make 7 images (.PNGs) of the days in curved text. then, just load all 7 images and use transparency formulas to show the right image on the right day.


Thanks to all for such a quick reply! I am not great at creating things from scratch in Photoshop (I have Photoshop Elements) but I know how it’s done.

@Tomas: Aah, the floor solution, with divided characters. That´s a far better solution than mine because of it´s international usability, but its a biig bunch of layers… :wink:

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Thanks for that trick Tomas - used it on my new face for the day of week and month windows.