Posting new watchface designs i finished and want to show off but have no friends

i’ve been using the facer community to solve some of my issues with my watch designs here and there, but i’m still very green to the other things this page is being used for, such as showing off my new watch face designs. The thing I’m confused about is how to post the designs so you see a little preview of the design with ways to see it move kind of how a face is displayed on your phone after you click on it. Do i just copy and paste the link? or can non premium members even do that? I’m really not sure.

P.s. I’m so sorry i tried finding an answer to this awhile back and couldn’t find anything. I figured it was probably so obvious no one else had trouble enough to post about it. Thanks for your patience if so.


Yes just copy the share link and paste it into the main text field of the chat and it will put it in place for you ok.

Thank you so much :+1:t5: