Prayer times watch

Hi friends , i want to creat watchface including prayer times and remaining time for the next pray for muslim users
Muslims have 5 pray times per day differs according to location and method of calculation
picture attached is for what i mean , it is a watch face created by watch face maker , i hope i can creat one with facer

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Good luck! :slight_smile: There are plenty of people here to help out if you need it :slight_smile:

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Can you list (in broad terms OR bullet points) what this needs to include?

Does it need sunrise, sunset? Does is need the Muslim calendar (as opposed to Gregorian)? Does it need longitude and latitude factored in? etc.

it will include five prayer times daily one of them at sunset called “Maghreb”
according to latitude and longitude other prayer times are determined with aspecific factor
this link include more details and java scripts and monthly and yearly tables for prayer times

Missing feature in Facer (Creator):

See: Inverse trigonometric functions 2

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done :+1: