Pre-review series 007

Will be available in different colors!
Thanks in advance for comments and improvements.


Are you a premium seller? and how you became a premium seller. Can you give me information too? Because I want to be a premium seller too. What do I need to do to become a premium seller? I write to managers every day. No one gives me enough information. I designed free 159 watchfaces. 42125 syncs. I’m ashamed to send messages to Facera every day. How long will I wait? I want to know.


When u going to open the collection up?


No I’am not a premium seller, so my watch faces will be for free.
In theory you should become partner with 5000 downloads in 1 month, no copyright issues and cooperation in the forum.

@jnorrell17: I planned to start to publish my collection from the first of may.
At the moment still busy with making and reworking my designs.

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I am waiting impatiently

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I think its good tactic to accumulate designs before starting publishing. You can boost exposure by releasing some later on faster than you would produce them normally.


That was exactly my strategy and by the way, some time to improve my designs is als welcome.