Premium account and creator pro?

Hello, I bought a pro account, but when I go to make a watch face, it writes upgrade creator pro how is it? should I buy it yet ?? and how can i cancel my subscription ??

Creator pro is separate from premium. A premium subscription allows you to download all the premium faces, a creator pro subscription unlocks the premium features in the creator. …I think that’s how it works anyway. But if you subscribed to creator pro but it’s not unlocked then definitely write to Facer support and they’ll clear it up.

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thanks a lot, how can i cancel my subscription, I don’t want a subscription anymore, so that when 1 month has passed I don’t want to pay more for this subscription, tell me how to cancel the subscription after the end of this month?

i don’t know the answer to these things, but I would assume writing to facer support is the next step. good luck!


Whenever I want to cancel any subscriptions I just delete direct debit from my bank account, or cancel future payments to the company in question :grin: