Premium members unable to sync watch faces

Today, I’ve had three paying members report they can’t sync watch faces or the face comes up black. The faces sync to my watch. I have no idea of what is going on.

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did you find out if they all happen to be using the same kind of watch? also, sounds like more than one face?

There are a ton of new Galaxy Watch 4 users coming into Facer these last few days, I’m not saying there isn’t a problem on Facer’s end at work here, but it is possible it’s related to new users unfamiliar with WearOS3 and unfamiliar with Facer. If you find out they’re all GW4 users, then there might be something there and you may just have to walk them through the steps. …just a thought.


2 days ago I posted a message in the facing pricing model topic:
“Whar the bloody hell with the app??? Adverts are there? And what happend with the already purchased facer plus acc-s? Somehow not working my facer plus service and got adverts when i sync my own faces…”
No answer… still have problem with sporadric freeze, and now this… facer bleeding from some wounds I think.


I lose my Facer Plus status periodically but it soon returns.
I get freezes on my watch that require a Reboot of the Watch .
The App often displays Faces incorrectly .
But I feel Facer is well worth sticking to .
There is no limit set by Facer on the Traffic on its Server and it is truly Open Source .
Up to a point Obviously.
There is some Truly Stunning Art on here and some Crap . Just like life Itself .
I Believe it will get better.
May Be Google will Buy Facer one Day and we will defiantly see Improvement then ???


yes, but until then …


@kvansant @russellcresser @safesz

I’m new and a bit confused.

Designers are responsible for tech support?
I am a bad choice to diagnose and correct anyone’s smart watch problems. Using the review page for communication is frustrating. I am sending each customer to FACER Support in our community.

Is there a better way to give facer members appropriate customer support?

Out of curiosity, These issues never reach the facer team because they are reported on designers review pages. How would Facer know the site or customers are having issues?

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I think sending your Your Customers here to Facer Support Is a good Idea .
As a non subscriber I have never had anything Back from Little Labs .
I am finding some Great and Realistic Help here .

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I guess there is nothing wrong in sending people directly to staff.
Because its hard to tell, how much they are aware, of what we write here.
Last one (whose last post is older than year) was seen here 21h ago.
The second one (whose last post is from may) was seen two weeks ago…

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@jennkeeney1 , no designers are not responsible for tech support, but we all are often able to help each other out with issues that are simple enough that they don’t need actual Facer support. The Facer team is pretty small and you can probably imagine how many emails come in daily over issues that are actually user error. The more we can do to help solve those the more likely the Facer support team will be able to address the problems that do require their involvement.

Suggesting your commenters to write to Facer support is always a good idea unless you feel like it’s something you can help with. But yeah, nothing reported in the comment area of a face will ever each Facer. But that’s why if I can help there I usually try before having them add to the deluge of emails going into support.


@kvansant @russellcresser @safesz @petruuccios

:laughing: Laughing at myself, I found a support page that I will link to people instead of this community. @petruuccios You are spot on, This forum is not active.

My faces don’t sync :frowning: – How can we help? (

FAQ – How can we help? (

Thanks everyone

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I will link people to you. I will start out with the trouble shooting page. FAQ – How can we help? (

Thanks again

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@jennkeeney1 And all. Can I recommend switching on every Permission that is relevent to the watches on the phone it is connected to. And make sure that the app are not sent to sleep automatically. Obviously I don’t know how that is done on other phones.

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I agree with you @kvansant