Premium not registering with app

I subscribed to yearly premium but it keeps telling me I have to pay for watch faces. See pictures.

Update Facer app on phone and watch.

An update was released yesterday, that problem was mention as solved.

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Both are up to date

I am having the exact same problem. It worked fine and then when it update it not only is registering that i have a s7bscription but ilhas deleted all my saved faces. Shows in all aspects that i have a premium s7bscription but is trying to charge me for each face. Ive sent a ticket to Facer support and so far jo one has gotten back to me…i can 9nly use free faces or ones that i paid for.

I’ve got exact same problem, customer service is useless.
I’ve asked for a refund now.
Another day and no sign of a refund!
How do you get them to respond any ideas?

Same here I paid the anual price and now I can’t access none of my saved watches and app is charging me for any watch face. I very disappointed.

A friend of mine pointed me to

Not as many faces but still nice and it’s a one time charge. And the library is growing.