Premium subscriber - why can't I sync some Apple faces?

If you are unable to sync any Apple faces then check out this link:

If you can sync some Premium Apple faces but not all then it is possible that the watch model that you have linked to your phone is not compatible with the face you are trying to sync.

Apple restricts some faces to particular watch models and/or operating system versions.

Apple publishes details on compatibility. Check out the following links to see which faces are available for your watch.

Note that you need to select the operating system version that you have installed on your watch via the pull down menu at the top left of the pages below.

For Apple Watch Ultra: Apple Watch Ultra faces and their features – Apple Support (AU)

For Apple Watch series 4 and above: Apple Watch faces and their features – Apple Support (AU)

For Apple Watch series 3: Only the photo based face ( and maybe some others with just a single complication ) will work with the series 3 face.

Ok, so you have checked above and your watch is compatible with the face you are having trouble syncing …

  • check that you have the latest version of WatchOS, IOS and Facer installed on your phone,
  • restart both your watch and phone
  • start the Facer App and check that your logged in with the user name you used when paying for the Premium subscription

If you still can’t sync the face then the best thing to do is to raise a support request with the Facer support team:


I have seen multiple people post that they cannot sync faces with Apple Watch Ultra, which is what I have. I tried all the above that you have set up and it doesn’t make any difference. Nothing on the Apple Ultra faces page other than official Apple faces.

Any thoughts?

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In that case reply to your Support Ticket to continue with their help.


All Facer Apple faces are compatible with the Apple Watch Ultra and so should load ok on your watch so I am not sure why they don’t on yours. As @Linlay said, best to follow up with support to see if they can help.

Umm, but just checking what do you mean by

I’m not sure what you mean by “Apple Ultra faces page” … what page do you mean? Are you able to post a screen capture of the page you are referring to?

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