Premium user but still some faces to buy

Hello I’m a premium happy user, but I found there are still some faces to buy, like for example the ones of ghostbuster… Is it normal or there is something wrong with my account?

Thank you a lot and wonderful platform! I love your job, even if I still have a lot of lag with my new galaxy watch

i have just checked on my account and i cant see any that want me to pay the premium is supposed to open up all the faces. You should contact customer support to check if your set up correctly.

Thanks for the feedback,
Can you try to check “Ghost Watching” or “ECTO 1”?

it give me to pay 1 euro

Well yes ghost watching is asking me to pay but that has to be a error i will contact support myself as the premium account states all faces and not selective faces

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Could you contact them? I don’t know how to do it… All the serie of Ghostbuster is on sale for money

You still must pay for them… Can’t understand, whit premium we MUST be able to have all of them without pay anything more…