Premium vs Creator Pro

Well, I ordered the Pro package a while ago and I have to say I’m pretty disappointed!
For “so much” money, getting such a quality is very disappointing.
E-mailing Facer doesn’t help either, because they don’t answer at all!!

I’ll show you why.
In the pictures below I created a test clock with “Customizable Complications”(Round). (I wrote what I want as text above)

It starts with everything looking almost the same!! You can see the battery symbol on all of them.

Now you have to save and go out of the editing window!
Now you have to call the clock again!
Only now you have the right symbols on the screen!

In the watch preview, everything looks chic too…
If you then synchronize this with your watch (I have a Galaxy 4 Classic), the watch face looks completely different again.

Battery symbol stands upright, steps are displayed as text, Sunrise/set symbol looks different again…

My conclusion… it’s not worth it!


Yeah it is all a bit confusing . The complications come with a default Icon as a place holder . I am sure you can use your own . Most apps you run have thier own Icons as well . You might want to cover them and use your own .


Hello Russell, but what good is it if I have to assemble everything myself.
If Facer offers something like this and asks for money, then it should work, in my opinion.


I only Buy PRO . I am only interested in the VAR really . I wanted to make a few things then I will dump it . I am certain Facer will be interested in your Feedback . They are just very Busy .

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I agree, the complications part is not well done.

I use complications (mostly) for watchfaces that I make for myself.
To me it’s worth 6 bucks per month.
There are some features, important to me, that I can solve only through complication.
Chance of rain, calendar, google fit stats…


I am into chronographs, so that is one of the feature I like most. And I like tech stuff with interactions, so using the VARs for that. I have not used the template complications. It was helpful at first for learning, but now I do my own stuff. Cannot argue about the price really, for me it is worth it.


I agree, I mean we are talking about the price of 2 cups of coffee… and it’s fun.
I cannot imagine any cheaper hobby.