Presenting GAUSS-Interference

Hi @ll, i want to present my newest creation, called “GAUSS-Interference”

For me, it´s the most amazing watch face i made since.

At first it was only testing the moiré effect on interfering pattern like concentric circles but after i saw the nice results i decided to experiment with other geometric elements and build a classic frame around it.

Then i added what i like most … light effects. I love it, when it looks like true illumination. Watch hands, hour blocks and the middle field colors are separately user customizable.) Try it out, i hope you enjoy it.

Greetings, GAUSS.


I can’t get this one to load. It keeps telling me I have to get Facer Premium. I’ve never heard of Facer Premium.

Well, it‘s not out yet, currently in revision by facer, Chad. May be that‘s the problem ehy you can‘t load it…

Greetings, Phantasico.

Maybe so. You know me I’m first in line for a new GAUSS.

Looks great man - as usual :sunglasses:

All those little tick marks are enough to drive you crazy, right? LOL


Lol. Well, i personally more like it cleaner and bigger but most people seem to enjoy these little ticmarks, tachymeter… i built a small database in the meanwhile of different bezel variants at Autocad and Photoshop and now can choose… it‘s my little „Watch lab“, :slight_smile:

I am more in lights, shadows, shiny metal and noble materials.