Preview Problems Again

It’s baaack… to this in Preview/Publish. Had it a while back, but it fixed itself. Now it’s back on my two browsers (Edge and Pale Moon). Cleaned TIF’s and cookies, etc. No joy.

:disappointed_relieved: How do I fix this?

It eventually published ok today in spite of the same preview problem. If new face creators are seeing this I hope it does not discourage them from proceeding to Publish.

I’ve not seen this before however I have had issues with my analog hour, minute, and second hands disappearing when publishing.

It’s back to normal now. I have no idea why, but Facer must’ve tweaked something today.:relaxed:

Still same problem. I’m used to it now, but it does make previewing a bit difficult.

Halloween Goblins or Bugs?
Am I still the only one seeing previews like this? It makes it really hard to adjust things before publishing.

Today, in email, I received notification of a review for a face that I deleted a month or so ago. When I clicked the link to reply, the review does not show up. Even if that member didn’t clean his browser, isn’t there a “Page you are trying to access does not exist” built into this software, thus letting people know that the design is no longer available? It’s not a big deal, but I’m just curious.