Price of watch faces are expensive

hi i would very much appreciate if the prices are more reasonable as they are expensive i am from malaysia and hope it could be kept below rm 5.00

There are TONS of FREE faces to choose from. The ones that are for sale are made from the premium designers …some faces that has taken days / weeks to make and more than worth the prices they charge for all their hard work and expertise that went into the faces that are not free.

Please feel free to take advantage of those faces that do not have a price, I’m sure you will be able to find many to your liking.

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Selia is right … Some of my premium watch faces took over 40 hours to create - i think the price is more than worth for what you get. But it´s your decision - there a thousands of free watch faces… Besides: What price did you pay for your smartwatch?

Greetings, GAUSS


$1.99 is a small price to pay for some of these amazing watch faces that the premium designers produce. You get a high quality design for very little.


Premium cars are also expencive, just like OLED tv’s and good Vodka…

But… Your aloud not to buy any of them if you ask nice you might get premission NOT to buy some of the faces.

Get real, if you like something that you can’t aford save for it or get over it… Making a good original watch face in not easy… making one using default stuff is… think of that before complaining…!!

mbm aileron 2 watch face controls not workimg on my S3Gear pls advice as I am very disapoonted with this purchase and I demand a refund

This community is not the place to demand things…

When you think a refund is on his place you have to take the right procedure not just demand things in an random place.

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@Lr1162 First of all 19 days ago you were complaining about the prices of the faces for sale on Facer. Which Im pretty sure all agrees that the faces are Very reasonably priced.

Even though you thought it was expensive, you obviously went ahead and purchased one.

Now 19 days later, out of the clear blue you are stating vaguely that its not working and demanding a refund without giving someone the chance to figure out what settings you need to fix to make it work?

I dont know how things are handled in malaysia , but here in the US , digital downloads usually dont have a refund option for obvious reasons. And even if it was a item purchased at a store, they usually only give 14 day limit for returns.

Im sure if you give a bit more detail about the problem and link to the face your talking about, someone might be able to help.

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Hello Lr1162,
Thank you for your feedback. I understand your concern. As others have stated, the Premium Designers produce faces that are very work intensive. Some of them offer free designs as well. In addition, there are still thousands of outstanding designs from other members that are free. I hope you will find something that you like.

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I’m sure you have your regular money back window so don’t feed the Trolls… (I’m called a Troll and free to feed I only eat 100 Euro bills)

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