Prime Day Deals - Smartwatches

Prime Day ends 7/17 (technically 3am EST 7/18), so if you see a deal today is the last day: All Available

Samsung Gear S3 Classic Smartwatch (Bluetooth), SM-R770NZSAXAR – US Version with Warranty

Ticwatch E
$108.79 (normally $160)

Fossil Q - Various Women’s
Link, Link, Link

Skagen ‘Falster’

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A little cleaner list from:

Fossil Q Gen 3
Explorist Stainless Steel (silver) - $165, usually $275-200 ($110-35 off)
Explorist Stainless Steel (gold) - $165, usually $275-199 ($110-35 off)
Explorist Stainless Steel and Leather - $153, usually $255-191 ($102-38 off)
Q Venture Rose Gold - $165, usually $275-200 ($110-35)
Q Venture Gold - $165, usually $275-200 ($110-35)
Venture Stainless Steel and Leather (silver) - $153, usually $255-191 ($102-38 off)
Venture Stainless Steel and Silicone (black) - $153, usually $255-191 ($102-38 off)

Ticwatch E
“Shadow” Black - $108.79, previously $159 ($50 off)
“Lemon” Yellowish - $109.43, previously $159 ($49 off)
“Ice” Clear - $111.99, previously $159 ($48 off)

Ticwatch S
“Knight” Black - $124.49, previously $199 ($75 off)
“Aurora” Greenish - $121.59, previously $199 ($77 off)
“Glacier” White - $121.59, previously $199 ($77 off)

All look like great deals if you’re looking for a new watch right now!
If you can wait a little bit and are okay spending a bit more, just keep in mind that a lot of new smartwatches will be announced in September/October.


Speaking of new watches, is facer going to be able to take advantage of Ticwatch Pro’s dual screen technology? That’s the new watch I’m considering.

We’ll have to look into that! Any word on if this second screen is customizable? I’d expect it to be a pre-set format.

I just spoke with Mobvoi and confirmed my suspicion and yours as well. The LCD screen (referred to as Essential mode) cannot be customized. That makes sense since LCD technology is based on pre-defined crystal segments in the display. It’s not pixel-based as is the case for LED-type displays.

It’s a great idea for outdoor activity when bright sun is an issue. I’ll be curious to see if the top layer LCD degrades the visual quality of the underlying AMOLED.

Thanks for the info, I was not sure and hadn’t had time tho do the research. I’m interested in seeing how long this 5-30 day battery will actually last. There’s a mention that if you use only the amoled screen it will only last 2 days. (Weird that they can market it 5-30 and not 2-30) They said 2 days on their Ticwatch S but with only half the options turned on I can’t get through a day without charging in the evening.

I can understand the long battery life with the Essential screen (LCD) which has minimal battery drain, but the AMOLED coupled with a conventional watch battery is unlikely to start at 5 days or more. Among other Wear OS and Tizen watches, I have a TicWatch 2 with a conservative face that can push 2 days ONLY if I don’t get a lot of pop-up notifications which keep turning on the full screen brightness. I use the always-on display, but need to recharge each night to be safe. I must say that I’ve been impressed with the TicWatch build quality and design. I’m going to give the TW Pro a serious look.

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This ticwatch pro is awesome. I put my Huawei Watch back in it’s box and selling it on swappa.

That “second” screen LCD is so cool.

I’m not sure if it’s customizable, but it does support touch and I can check my heartrate from it.

Any word when it’ll be supported in Facer ?