Private watches

Can you make any of your watches you make private that you might put your name on?

I am not sure what exactly are you trying to do, but there is big blue “send to watch” button even in the creator window, so you should be able to send face to your watch at any time before eventually publishing it.

All “drafts” are private. But they can only be synced by you. You can share a preview but it can’t be synced by others. And also there’s no way to make it private (like only share it with a few people) if it’s published. Does this answer your question?

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Yes it does thank you

I have one more question. say i make a watch with names and every time i change the names how do i publish the same watch over and over but with different names on it.

Thank you . I’m still trying to figure out everything

Once the Face is finished/saved, you can Duplicate it, then edit the Duplication and save it with a different name. Hope this helps :thinking:
P.S. Nice Facer Profile Brandice, and I wish you all the best on here and in life too :slightly_smiling_face: