Problem Facer Creator App in MacOS

Hello everyone, I encountered a problem in the facer creator app for macOS, exactly after creating a watch face, after publishing it if I want to modify it, after pressing edit the program freezes and takes an infinite time loading not allowing me to modify mine work, does it do it for you too?


I faced issues with the Facer App on Mac a while ago. It still does not really work, I stopped using it. Takes too long to load a watch face.

I currently work via the Safari browser. But it seems to have a memory leak. After a while it uses a lot of CPU. I have to quit the browser and restart it. Firefox and Chrome are not any better…


Try using another Browser . Safari has a bad relationship with Facer . Some use Google Chrome . Some use Firefox . Some use MS Edge . Let us know how you get on. If I have problems I sync stuff from my phone . I have A GW4 Classic and a Samsung Phone . I use MS Windows 10 but Google Chrome browser . We had issues a Year ago but it has been stettled for a while now .


I use chrome on mac and also chrome on samsung tablet. When i notice it getting sluggish i quit the app and relaunch browser and all is good again.


I didn’t know you could also use it with the browser, thank you very much!

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Eeek . Have you been using the Downloadable Facer Application . Sack that . I have used Facer - Thousands of FREE watch faces for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more Beta for years . The only way I would say .